Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipsticks Limited Edition – Gold Casing Combo

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Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipsticks Limited Edition Gold Casing Combo – Barbie Doll Powder, Orange Fruit, Red Flame



  1. Clear, gold-flaked jelly lipsticks, each one featuring a tiny dried flower inside.
  2. Once it is applied to lips, the clear jelly lipstick transforms into a lovely transparent pink gloss.
  3. The color may change depending on your body temperature, staying lighter if you are cool, and deeper if you are warm.
  4. Each lipstick has a pleasant fruity scent and is housed in a deluxe signature red metallic tube with mirror on one side and is new in the original box.
  5. Ingredients: Candelila Resin, Cocoa Butter, Plant Extract, Stearic Alcohol (HALAL), Olive oil, Citric Acid, Grape Seed Oil, Lavender oil (3 Kind of Dried Flowers – NON Poisonous).

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Orange Fruit, Barbie Doll Powder, Red Flame, Combo – 3 IN 1


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